Janice Sullivan

1407 Foothill Blvd., Suite 625

La Verne, CA 91750

Office: 1 909 593-4560

Cell: 1 909 816-8581



  • Owner of SJP “Sullivan J Photography”
  • Specialize in Macro & Close-up photographs
  • Strong foundation in Fine Art, Commercial Art and Interior Design
  • Customer service oriented
  • Extensive knowledge in studio and outdoor photography
  • Work with a variety of media to display work using high quality archival materials
  • Extensive knowledge in photographic printing, color corrections & calibration
  • E-Learning – Photography


Sullivan J Photography, La Verne, CA

Owner/Instructor –  June 2012 – Current

  • Instructional tutorials and tips for photographers.
  • Write ebooks for photographers.
  • Make video tutorials for photographers.
  • Write articles on photography.
  • Write reviews on various companies that photographers use.
  • Write a variety of inspirational articles to help inspire photography ideas for photographer lovers.
  • Teacher at

 Sullivan J Photography, La Verne, CA

Founder/Photographer – May 2007 – Current

  • Consult with clients on their needs for various projects: working with art consultants, interior designers, home owners & business owners.
  • Manipulate color to go with clients request.
  • Coordinate and prepare files for print options.
  • Update new work on stock site once a week focusing on fine art, studio, product & outdoor photography.
  • Supervise assistant with sales and client management.

Deljou Art Group, Atlanta, GA

Photographer – October 2012

  • Worked with Marguerite Means, Senior Art Consultant, providing sample images for her model room project to be approved by the hotel owners.
  • Prepared a variety of Magnolia flower samples.
  • Prepared final image to client with required specifications.
  • Provided quality image quickly to Art Consultant to help Designer complete model room for hotel owner.

University of La Verne, La Verne, CA

Photographer – October 2010

  • Provided various photographs for Departmental Thank You cards.
  • Carried out complex photo shoots involving varied types of lighting effects.
  • Exercised artistic sensitivity and skill to plan the composition, lighting, background and color values of assignment.
  • Collaborate with graphic designer on market materials for project.

Impressive Interiors, Las Vegas, NV

Photographer – September 2010

  • Worked with Kathy Wilson, Interior Designer, and made suggestions on various layouts and designs for triptych photography project.
  • Prepared print files for vendor.
  • Adjust, modify, and rework photographs using digital and computer manipulation applications for project.
  • Inspect final proof for retouching to clients’ specifications.

Na Lehua Melemele, New York, NY

Photographer – May 2008

  • Provided company a photograph for background on a billboard.
  • Worked with graphic designer on printing profiles and calibration.
  • Engaged in multiple communication with owner to get the perfect piece for billboard.
  • Provided large photograph file using personal stock site to send the FTP file to graphic designer’s specifications.


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  • “Dissent”, Group Exhibition – Irene Carlson Gallery, University of La Verne, California (Oct 22 – Dec 7, 2012)
  • “Macro Lens Paintings 2012”,  Solo Exhibition – Klatch Coffee, Rancho Cucamonga/San Dimas, California (2012)
  • “Macro Lens Paintings”,  Solo Exhibition – Coffeeberry, La Verne, California (2011)
  • “My Stage”, Solo Exhibition – Coffee Klatch, San Dimas, California (2011)
  • “St John’s Media Artwall”, Group Exhibition St. John’s Hospital, Santa Monica, California, curetted by Marai Koosed, St. John’s Art Program  (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013)
  • “Macro Views”, Solo Exhibition – University of La Verne, California (2008)
  • “AICCU”, Group Exhibition, State Capital, Washington DC  (2007)
  • “A Moment in Mind”, Group Exhibition – Irene Carlson Gallery, University of La Verne, California (2006)
  • “Liminal”, Group Exhibition, Senior Theses, University of La Verne, California (2006)
  • “Selections”, at Alpha Chi National College Honor Society Region VII Convention (2006)
  • “Photographic Journey”, Group Exhibition – Irene Carlson Gallery, University of La Verne, California (2005)


University of La Verne, La Verne, California


Bachelor of Arts, Art Concentration in Photography – May 2007

University of La Verne, La Verne, California

Student Mentor – Supervise and provided assistance to beginning photography students.

Graduated with Honors 4.0 in major and cum laude over all average.

Seminar & Conferences

Society Photographers Educators Conference – “Conflict”  –  2006

Special techniques for photographers Seminar – Los Angeles California – 2005

Associates of Art, Fine Art – May 1998

Citrus College, Glendora, California

Graduated with Honors and on Dean’s list throughout enrollment.


Member of Monrovia Association of Fine Arts – 2012

Member of California Wilderness Coalition – 2011

American Society of Media Photographers Fine Art – 2010

Alpha Chi College Honor Society – 2006

American Society of Media – Photographers – 2006

Society Photography Education – 2005

Gamma Sigma Honor Society – 1997


Hospitality Design Worldwide – 2010

Interior Designers Forum – 2009


Pixoto “Best of the Day – Flowers” –  February 18, 2014

Outdoor Photographer Finalist “Celebrate the Seasons” – 2011

Photography Academic Award – 2005 & 2006 – Finalist/Editor Picks – 2006


Sullivan J Photography


Writing articles and making video tutorials on photography.

Computer Knowledge

All Nik Software products

Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Lightroom V

Adobe Bridge

Microsoft Office Suite


Mac OS

Digital manipulation of photographs, example: blending, montage, filters, vignettes

Photography Knowledge

Studio & Location shoots

Variety of lighting equipment:

Soft boxes, hot lights,

booms & gobos

Darkroom techniques: manipulation of black and white & color negatives, processing for both

4×5 2 1/4, 35mm & film digital cameras

Business Knowledge

Variety of business forms: Purchase Orders, Invoices, Quotes.

Provide excellent customer service.