Win a Calendar or Amazon Gift Card

Lately I’ve been having a blast on YouTube! Meeting new photography lovers is another excitement added to my photography passion. When I joined YouTube I challenged myself to be in front of the camera and I’m so glad I did. I really love to talk shop (even when it’s a taped …
Win a Calendar or Amazon Gift Card


Using Textures to Help Your Images

Please don’t toss that image that isn’t quite in focus or if you don’t like the color palette. Don’t toss your work even if you feel it’s a crap shot and nothing can become of it. Using Textures can help correct your images and it will put a smile on your face …
Using Textures to Help Your Images

100 Badass Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2017 – Crazy Honored

I’m crazy honored to have made the list of 100 Badass Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2017!  There are some amazing women on this list, so please check them out here.  Not only am I crazy honored, but making the list this has given me the drive to make 2017 the best year ever and I&…
100 Badass Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2017 – Crazy Honored