We Love Change – Newsletter Fun

We Love Change!

That’s why we plan to change up things a bit. I’ve decided to keep the blog going since I love connecting with you all, but I’ve also decided to share more newsletters. I’m going to do my best to write up a fun newsletter giving you a variety of information about art, photography and business.

I will always share images because photography is my true love. If you would like to see behind the scenes of what I do while photographing, join my private Facebook Group. It’s a newbie group and I’m hoping others join in and share their behind the scene on how they got their shots. This will give us ideas when we want to try something different as we photograph and for the non photographers out there…they’ll see cool images and how they are made.


On our road trip we stopped in Mono Lake.  I’ll give you more information later but I wanted to share this fun rock formation.  It was a small rock and you know how much I like to get up close so here you go.  This is the B&W version of the two.  To see before and after pics join my new Facebook Group.  😉


2 images merged together.



Awesome sale coming up!




Have a great week,

Janice Sullivan


We Love Change – Newsletter Fun


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