Spring Inspiration

On Friday I was invited to our local high school for career day. I thought what the heck, if I can inspire the students to pick up a camera and photograph, why not.

It was really exciting to see some students with their cameras and it was refreshing to know that they really love photography.

Thanks Bonita High School for the invite.  It’s always a pleasure.



Spring is here for us in California. I always rent before I buy my equipment so I figured I’d share some  rentals with you all from Borrowed Lens.

Save with Kit rentals:

Featured Photo Gear

Lens Rentals:

Featured Video Gear

There has finally been rain here in Southern California. I can’t wait to get back to the poppy fields!

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Happy Spring everyone!!

Janice Sullivan

Spring Inspiration


2 Comments on “Spring Inspiration”

  1. John Daly says:


    Who are your favorites to rent lenses from

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