Time to Clean up

Yes, it’s time to clean up.

I have truly enjoyed sharing my posts with you and hope you have been inspired by my love for photography and have been motivated enough to pick up a camera and start photographing the world around you!

This year I plan to share more information about the tools I use and really focus on more video tutorials.  Currently I am writing an ebook with video tutorials and will have that available soon. Of course I will always share images and the fun times I have photographing, but I want to share with you more fun tools that help me with creation and inspire me to work. It’s fun to chat about equipment and software that I enjoy.

With this in mind, you will see our site change a bit.  I hope to make it more accessible and user friendly once I am done. I love and appreciate feedback so please let me know what you think as the site changes. I’m always up for suggestions! Please send me an email at janice@sullivanjphotography.com.  Thanks in advance!!

So far I’ve cleaned up the “Learn” tab at the top and I also have the “Categories” visible to the right of this blog post for easy access to information you’re looking for. I also love a sale so if I see something you may like I’ll add it to my posts.

Change is a progression of life and hope that 2016 brings new and exciting experiences!

Clean with a bit of hand soap:

Black background to enhance the bubbles in hand soap.

Macro 100mm with studio lights.


Additionally, I am happy to announce that we now except credit cards and PayPal for a fast and easy payment gateway.  Here is the latest sales I’ve found that you may like.

Adorama Specials

My favorite special:



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Time to Clean up


6 Comments on “Time to Clean up”

  1. Hey, so excited about your book. I’m about to publish, too. May we both know great success this year and I really look forward to more of your work and tutorials. Love your pieces.

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