Oatman Arizona’s Ghost Town

Oatman, Arizona is great location to experience an old Ghost Town and the decedents of burros from the past minors.  I crave documenting historical places where I can add my own bit of art flare.  My Aunt asked me if I ever made my pictures public and I realized that I have never shared them with my facebook friends.  She inspired me to play with these images because they brought back some amazing memories and the drive to get back there real soon! If you would like to see a couple other images check them out here.

Here is my fun:

A bit of desaturating the colors on the peeps.

I didn’t change much of this image below.  Just darkened “66”

This burro wasn’t in my other post.  Poor baby was trying to nap, with the ears back I tried to not bother him/her.

Burro in Oatman Arizona taking a nap between buildings.

Burro in Oatman Arizona taking a nap between buildings.


I think this is my favorite of the bunch.  I just love photographing old tools that the miners used back in the gold rush days.

I just found out that one of my photographer friends Leah has an Aunt who owns  “The Classy Ass” it’s great place to grab some goodies. If you stop in tell Lynnette Janice sent you. :)


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Oatman Arizona’s Ghost Town


2 Comments on “Oatman Arizona’s Ghost Town”

  1. lighthouse75 says:

    It must be great fun to have a vintage place where you can get such a variety of images. What wonderful work! There’s a town I sometimes photograph in the Catskills — Phoenicia, not a ghost town, still fairly hopping, but I’ve often described it as “as close to an old Wild West town as you can get” in the area. Your top image proves I’m right! Keep up the great work.

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