Shots on the Atlantic

Last spring we went to visit family in Boston and we stayed at a beautiful beach house in Scituate, Massachuttes. If you’re interested in staying at this relaxing home, you should book ASAP. It goes fast for the spring and summer months. Here’s their information and yep, you’ll see my review:

It can be hard to photograph on a family trip, but my family knows that Mom needs photography time or she’ll go crazy! I shot tons of images, but what I actually want to share with you is the variety of processing I’ve done.

I feel it will help you think about ways to tell your story. When you try new ways of photographing or processing in post, It will pushing you to think creatively.  This will help you not be stagnant with your work.

We all hear that you should be consistent with your portfolios, and I understand this from a business aspect, but I don’t agree when it comes to creativity. Push away and step out out of your comfort zone.


This is a typical image I would photograph. I used several images and merged them together to make a high-dynamic image. It was an amazing sunset and so much fun to photograph.

Sunset in Scituate. HDR 50mm


Now with the photograph below I decided to do something different. I was so happy to read about the history of this lighthouse that it gave me the idea to make this feel as it was shot back in the 1800’s. I made if feel old. It was fun to try a variety of techniques to achieve this look. Here is a link if you would like to read more about this lighthouse. check it out here.

Scituate – USA 50mm

I also wanted to play with some Atlantic ocean shots so I went out on a foggy day and had some fun. It was a great time and I enjoyed every moment of taking this image below. But I needed more…

Three Rocks – HDR 50mm

I stepped out of the box and processed this image below.

Our beach house was right in front of the Atlantic ocean, so during one of the amazing sunsets we saw, I took out the camera and walked out on the beach. I could tell that it was going to be an amazing sunset and boy was it. I decided to process the image below using the motion blur in Photoshop just in the clouds. The sky’s color was beautiful so I didn’t change the color much. This was a fun new way to experience my sunset.

Atlantic Blur – HDR 200mm

I hope this gives you ideas on pushing some limits to help your creative juices flow. If any of you have images you would like to share, I would love for you to add your links to the comments. We can inspire each other.

Did you notice anything different in the comment section? We added a new plugin so you all can easily add comments. I love connecting with you all and hope this will help you easily add your conversation to our site. If you have any problems please let us know.

Thanks and of course…Cheers!

Janice Sullivan

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Shots on the Atlantic


2 Comments on “Shots on the Atlantic”

  1. lighthouse75 says:

    Janice, you say, “We all hear that you should be consistent with your portfolios, and I understand this from a business aspect, but I don’t agree when it comes to creativity. Push away and step out out of your comfort zone.” You’re quite right, but I’d go further still and say that stepping out of our comfort zone to be more creative can, in the end, only help the business aspect. There are zillions of good photographers out there. We each have to do something to stand out. You invited us to share our images. OK, here’s one of mine from the Lakes Region of NH, which, as much as I love NH, I don’t consider the most exciting place photogenically. My response was to do something I love — choose a historic building to photograph and to process artistically.

    • LOVE this Nancy! I’m so happy you shared your work. Thank you! Yes, 100% agree with you. To always push yourself will in the end help the business side of your soul. Boy, do I miss New Hampshire, again thank you for sharing this awesome historic building.


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