Themes for the Day of the Week

Today is Thursday…Throw Back Thursday. Some people get frustrated about themes for the day of the week. If you don’t like themes, ok I get it…but before you dismiss it think about the subject. For me TBT it’s a way to look back on history and my photography shooting. It makes me think about the past and what I have photographed and how I can improve on my craft. I have shared these images before of Sedona, Arizona, and as I look at them and remember an amazing hike with Kevin and the fun I had taking these images I also say to myself…I should go back to the location and try something different.

So when you see themes like Throw Back Thursday or Flower Friday take advantage of other photographs and see what others have shared so you can think about how to take your work a step further.


HDR Sedona, Arizona

Sunset about Sedona Arizona – HDR

Pano of an Indian Ruin in Sedona, AZ


Janice Sullivan

Themes for the Day of the Week


One Comment on “Themes for the Day of the Week”

  1. Wow…simply beautiful. Fantastic piece.

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