Taking Time to Focus in on Details

When your’re walking by flowers or subjects that catch your eyes, look deep within them. Sometimes the story is hidden and it’s up to you to reveal them to the world.

Most of us live a fast life and as photographers we can take a moment in time and share it for a lifetime. With that said, take your time and photograph deep within your subject. In my flower below, I love the colors and gorgeous flower petals so I wanted to show you the elegance of the center. I had to stack (take several in focus shots and bring them together) this image to show you more details. But to take my time to show you how beautiful this flower is within itself, will be a picture that I can share with someone that may not take time to really see. I bet next time the person will look at flowers differently and it is nice to know that I helped someone appreciate life’s beauty.

How to fix flower petals cover.

How to fix flower petals cover.



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We all wish that we could photograph a perfect flower. Most of the time it just doesn’t work out that way. If you like the composition of the flower and have one or two petals not cooperating, go ahead and photograph the flower and fix your petals in post. I show you how to use the following to fix those stubborn petals:

  • Add Canvas (tip)
  • Use Puppet Warp
  • Content Aware Tool
  • Selection in a New Layer (the best way to fix petals).

To watch a small clip of the video click on the tab below.

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Janice Sullivan

Taking Time to Focus in on Details


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