Photo Light Painting and Bonus Tutorial

Today I would like to inspire you to take your favorite subject and photograph it with painted light. Basically, make sure your subject is in the dark…the darker the better.  Then take an appropriate light source, for example all I needed for my orchids was a flashlight. And manually add the light to your subject.  If you’re out working on a landscape I suggest a more powerful light source.  A tripod is highly recommended and to focus on your subject manually prior to shooting in the dark.  You’ll have to play with your exposure so pay attention to your histogram.  What’s fun about this style of photographing is that you create the mood manually. I think this is such a beautiful way to light subjects.  I used black velvet behind these flowers but if you don’t have velvet  just put your subject in the middle of the room and black out the area.   Like always I would love to see your images and if you would like a Fast and Furious critique check out our new Facebook page!  I’ll add you to the private group just send me a message.


Light painting flowers.

Light painting flowers.

Here is your bonus video I just made! Only you all who read my inspirational posts will receive this for free! If you just popped onto my site. You can sign up for my blog and receive free goodies now and then…check the News registration to the right of the post.


Just an fyi…I’m glad I photographed these orchids. I recieved them from my son and his wife and they have already died 😦 I can’t seem to keep orchids alive. If any of you have great tips I would love to hear from you. 🙂

Janice Sullivan

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Source: Photo Light Painting and Bonus Tutorial


3 Comments on “Photo Light Painting and Bonus Tutorial”

  1. I’m no gardener, but one thing I’ve learned about orchids is they are far hardier than we know. I sometimes think we don’t do well with them because we think they are more complicated, exotic and delicate then they are. When I was in Thailand they grew everywhere. Through the medians on highways and out of the cracks in buildings. The one thing they love is moist, warm air. I don’t use tap water because of the chemicals in it. I water once a week unless it’s dry, then twice a week and periodically spritz them with water. Oh and they love a good conversation!

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