Helicon Focus Basics

My basic tutorial on Helicon Focus is up and live!  Receive a discount while it lasts!  Below is a brief on what you will learn.

Taking up-close photographs can be problematic—one part ends up in-focus and the rest of it is blurry. Using the Helicon Focus software is a fast way to create sharp images by stacking several in-focus photographs into one image. My latest photo processing lesson will help you learn how to merge multiple in-focus photos together so that the whole photograph ends up sharp as a tack. Get photo shooting tips for close-up and macro photography and retouching tips for stacking.

Main topics:

Prepping your photographs
Overview of Helicon
Stacking your Images
Add your Creative Spin

Learn how to process stacked images using Helicon Focus to increase the focus in your photographs, and create beautiful and unique images.



Daisy on black plexi and processed in Helicon Focus.

Daisy processed in Helicon Focus


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Janice Sullivan

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Source: Helicon Focus Basics


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