Master in the Arcanum

I am honored to announce that I am now a Master in the Arcanum. If you have never heard of the Arcanum, please visit their site here.

I will be accepting apprentices June 1 and wanted to get the word out just in case any of you are interested in stepping up your photographic skills. Below is a short video about me to help you decide if I would be a good fit for you. Truthfully, it was one of the hardest videos to make because first, I do not like to be in front of the camera and second I do not like to talk about myself. I understand why I had to make it, so I hope it helps you understand my photographic history and the present intentions that I want to focus on in the Arcanum.

My Cohort is called “Adventurers of the F-Stop (AFS)”. Below is our banner. We will make this an adventure a creative venture to bring out your photography skills. AFS is a safe place to share your work and have constructive critiques, assignments and one-on-one’s with your master. You will build new friendships for life.

The Arcanum

Adventurers of the F-stop

We will explore your own creative path and with the help of the others in the group and myself we will go beyond taking snapshots and bring out creativity you did not know you had. I know this style of learning works because I have been through it. I am so excited and hope that if you are interested you will complete an application here. You may want to mention me and send me an email using the contact tab above if you want to join AFS.

Hope to see you there!


Janice Sullivan

Find me at Google+

Source: Master in the Arcanum


2 Comments on “Master in the Arcanum”

  1. lindaolsen says:

    Very nice Janice. Congratulations.

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