Black Plexiglass Inspiration

I have been having a lot of fun playing with black plexiglass so I figured I would share with you some of my latest images. Playing with plexi can be challenging at times, but for me that is what I love, the challenge. Of course if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Focus stack…see video soon. 🙂

You may have seen the image below since I shared it on my Helicon Focus post. I just made new tutorials on this program so look for them soon or sign up for my blog posts in the right side bar.

Focus Stacked Image on Black Plexi


Focus Stack – 2.0 @ f9.5 ISO 200 with 2 continuous lights.

A couple of tips.

Keep a soft dust rag near buy, trust me, you can see all the dust.

Lighting your subject is fun, but you will most likely need a couple of lights unless you shoot HDR (multiple exposures merged into one image).

Water drops are fun, but can be messy. Keep a soft rag around to remove unwanted drops in areas you do not want them on the glass, unless you want to play in photoshop for hours.

Step out of your comfort zone and really play. Challenge yourself. That is what I did with the images below.

A bit of Stamen- 3.2 @ f9.0 ISO 125

Click here to see the plexiglass that I use. 


Janice Sullivan

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Source: Black Plexiglass Inspiration


7 Comments on “Black Plexiglass Inspiration”

  1. This looks amazing, Janice!

  2. sirpamononen says:

    really outstanding and inspirational artworks!

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