How to Make Your Images Unique

The subjects in the images below have been photographed by many people, so I asked myself how I could make them different from the rest. I wanted my own spin on my subjects. Well, I did a bit of research and I took a bit of time to see what others had done to the subjects I was thinking about photographing, to determine the best composition possibilities.

If I like compositions that have already been used, I will often shoot photographs the same way, but change them in post.

For example, both of these photographs have different skies.

Cathedral Rock

Sedona, Arizona – Cathedal Rock – HDR @ 70mm

In the shot above, the sky was photographed in Sedona, Arizona, but in a different location.  I used On1 masking to merge the clouds to my landscape.  Truthfully, On1 Perfect Photo Suite is the easiest way to add skies to your image.

The bell shot below also has a different sky, but it was shot in the same location. I really liked the way the sun was hitting the rock formation, but the clouds looked horrible. Since the clouds were moving fast, my husband Kevin and I hung out until I saw what I liked and shot it. This was easy since I left my tripod in the same location. I next merged the two images to make one

Bell Rock – Sedona, Arizona – 102mm with a 70-200 Canon Zoom

I hope this helps you think about other ways to change up your photography. It’s your art, go for it!

Janice Sullivan

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Source: How to Make Your Images Unique


2 Comments on “How to Make Your Images Unique”

  1. Wow… That first photo just takes your breath away. One of my favorite places.

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