Shutter Click Adventures

I always like to share information that will inspire you to get out and photograph. Today I’d like to share this awesome site that focuses on photography adventures and workshops.  My favorite part of Shutter Click Adventures is the variety of adventures they have planned with a variety of  professional  photographers. I asked the owner, Jake McCluskey, to give me some information about his site and this is what he said:

“Shutter Click Adventures is at its core a way to bring professional photographers together with people. The goal of the site is to help you find the right photographer to go on a photo adventure or workshop with.  When starting this company I wanted to change how people searched for photo adventures and workshops. The current method is that you Google your heart out and hope that you find a great one.  My dream is that you go to one site,, and you find photo adventures and workshops from dozens if not hundreds of great photographers.

The site doesn’t charge a photographer to be part of it, but they do have to go through an application process just to have their trips and workshops listed. This is to make sure that when a client comes to the site they know only good quality options are on the site.

Also I wanted to work with other photographers on any trips I do.  This way we both get to experience another country, we get to have fun and both get to teach. I think that doing this will make us all stronger teachers, photographers and will help us build lasting relationships. And that what this is really about, relationships.

Currently we have about 10 workshops and four photo adventures being offered with more being added every week. The big two right now that are getting lots of attention are Vietnam in September with A.D. Wheeler and Scotland in July with Stu Davidson. Both of those guys are amazing photographers and teachers, so either trip will be very memorable for you.

If you want more information or just have questions, check us out.  Or if you are a photographer wanting to try and get on our lists then hit us up we would love to talk to you.”


Shutter Click Adventures

ShutterClick Adventure

Love their Goal!


I signed up for their Newsletter so I’ll receive their latest adventures. Check them out! Maybe I’ll see you sometime on a fun adventure. 🙂

Janice Sullivan

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Source: Shutter Click Adventures


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