Easy Access to Learn Photography

Hi all! I hope you had an amazing holiday. During the last week, we have worked hard to make it easy to access learning materials on my website. You can now purchase our products and view a variety of free goodies that pertain to photography to help inspire and teach new and fun techniques to bring out your creativity.

I love to talk shop and teaching others about photography. My new venture in 2015 is to focus on the learning aspect of the photography craft and I’m excited to announce that you can purchase my new class for free. Curious has given me a link so you can receive $25! I’m not sure how long this will last, so hurry!!


Learn the Basics of Lightroom’s Modules plus more!


From Curious:

Click Here and — we’ll (Curious.com) give $25 to anyone who signs up using your link. Students can use those dollars to buy your course.

If you have any problems let us know.

Click around and check out our site. I plan to add more products soon and I will keep photography news going every week on my blog (except next week because Kevin and I have a photo trip planned). Arizona, here we come!

Ons section of the Wupatki Indian Ruins in Arizona.

Wupatki Indian Ruins in Arizona.

Happy New Year to you and hope you have a happy and prosperous 2015.


Janice Sullivan

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Source: Easy Access to Learn Photography


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