5 Day Split Toning

Yep, I had another challenge. This time I was challenged to do a five day split-toning challenge. My friend Julia S. Maynard challenged me on Facebook and Andreas Levi challenged me on Google+. Today I’d like to share with you the five split-toning images.

I broke the rules a bit.


“Please post one different split tone processed photo each day for the next five days in a row, and also challenge another photographer of your choice each day to do the same.”

I did post five days in a row, but “Business Days” and I challenged one photographer. Ooops! 🙂


Wild California Poppy


12 Image stack of Pine


Wild yellow California poppies.

Sun Burst on Hills

Lake Havasu, Arizona

Single Wild Wish

Desert Wild Flower – link will be added tomorrow. 🙂

This last one will go up tomorrow. 🙂 You all get a sneak peak.

Talking about sneak peaks…

Some of you know that I’m working on a course called, Adobe Lightroom Basics, I go through all of the modules plus more. Look for it in December! I’ll give you more details as we get closer, but here is a sneak peek of what I did in the slideshow module. Super easy!!

Just like my last post… I challenge you photographers out there! Keep me in the loop if you take my challenge, I’d love to see your images.

Hope you all have an amazing week!


Janice Sullivan

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Source: 5 Day Split Toning


One Comment on “5 Day Split Toning”

  1. Loved the tree in the forest. Curious technique. I tend toward vibrancy over softeness, but I liked this.

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