Last Summer Lake Shot

I’ve been busy with my Adobe Lightroom Basic’s course so unfortunately I haven’t had any time to photograph and process new work. I’m having a bit of withdrawal, but I know this coming weekend Kevin and I plan to photograph some aspens. Yep, we actually have a small location of aspens in our local mountains here in Southern California. We have to off road it a bit and hike in a couple of miles, but it’s worth it! We just don’t see the beautiful fall colors like the East Coast, but if I can photograph a gorgeous yellow aspen, I’ll be  happy. I’ll share my shots with you all if it works out for us.

The picture below was taken at our favorite spot on the river (Disneyland Cove). I actually shot an HDR image, but liked this silhouette better. I knew it was going to be our last summer lake trip so I took my camera and tripod and shot away. We always have so much fun with my best friend Pam and her husband Mike relaxing on the water. It’s a sad time for us…bon-voyage summer!  But hello fall, winter, and spring…desert shots here we come!   🙂

Sun Burst on Hills

Sun Burst on Hills – 1/30 @ f19 ISO 100 50mm


My nephew has a GoPro…it’s pretty cool!  Here is the latest if you’re interested in checking it out click on the image.


Go Pro Hero4


Do you have a “last summer shot”?  Share it with us in the comment section.


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Source: Last Summer Lake Shot


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