Go Back and Process Old Images

Tip for today…go back and process some of your old images.

As long as the composition and exposure are what you like, go for it! Working on old photographs that I have shot always brings back fun memories. While I processed the images below for my “House Lightbender” challenge, I remembered the fun times Kevin and I had while vacationing in Arizona and the fun times we always have visiting my aunt and uncle. If you don’t know what House Lightbender is, check out my last blog post or click here.

New software has many fun tools to process images compared to what I had when I shot these images. I do recommend that you always shoot in RAW. It’s so easy to process a group of images in Lightroom and I admit that when others were still photographing in jpeg, I was shooting in RAW so I have more to work with pertaining to my old photo files.

The image below was taken while we were on vacation in Sedona. We actually went North a bit past Flagstaff to see the Wupatki Indian Ruins. I highly recommend you checking this out if you like historical places like I do.

Wupatki Indian Ruins

Wupatki Indian Ruins -1/25 @ f11 ISO 125

While visiting my aunt and uncle the fog came in and I snapped this photo. I made it a square and played with it a bit in post with help and suggestions from my Lightbender family.


Fog on Highway 101 – 1/1500 @ f11 ISO 100

Hope you all have a great week and take me up on my tip. I know you’ll have fun checking out your old shots and processing them. Always, feel free to share your images with us. Just link them in the comment area and tell us a bit about them.


Want info on some Photography terms?  I thought this was pretty cool so I figured I’d share it with you all. Check out the link here. 


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Source: Go Back and Process Old Images


2 Comments on “Go Back and Process Old Images”

  1. Rich Green says:

    Beautiful but I wish you didn’t post the Wupatki photo. The family and I were out west in August and the Ruins was on the schedule. (Visited the Ruins in the late 80’s.) On the day we were supposed to visit, the closest we got was Sunset Crater (beautiful) but it was late in the day and we left at sunset. Now I’m being reminded of my disappointment. Fantastic image.

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