Gerber Daisies

Wow, it’s been a week already!  Time is just a flying…  🙂

I just signed a nice contract with a company so I’ve been working on that but for now let’s show you some of my fun work with Gerber Daisies.  I always say when you start to photograph a subject stand back and shoot.  Pay attention to what you like within the subject and then start getting closer and closer.  Grab a Macro lens or add a filter lens.  If you’re really into it go for an extension tub or a reverse ring adapter.

Gerber Bouquet

Gerber Bouquet – Shot in tent with soft lights above. 10.0s at f/10 ISO 100


Pink Gerber Daisy

Pink Gerber Daisy 1/80 @ f22 ISO 320


Gerber Drops

Gerber Drops – 1/250 @f22 ISO 500


Pink Water Drop

Pink Water Drop – 1/32 @ f22 ISO 500

Have a great day everyone!


Janice Sullivan

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Source: Gerber Daisies


6 Comments on “Gerber Daisies”

  1. Very beautiful floral images. I love the water drops.

  2. lighthouse75 says:

    Beautiful photos, Janice!

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