Keep your Camera with You

Keep your camera with you all of the time. I say this because if you love photography like me and you don’t have your tripod or that perfect lens, it shouldn’t matter. Some people get all caught up on equipment and feel that their images won’t be worth anything because they don’t have the correct setup. Yes, when you plan a shoot it makes all the difference, but when you can’t it’s okay too.

Today, I’d like to show you a couple of fun pictures I made while the hubby and I were visiting my Aunt and Uncle. I didn’t have time for a tripod setup or wait for that perfect light and again that’s ok because I focused on composition and techniques.

After our visit, I’m always excited to add my photographs to Lightroom to white flag the photos that I like and when I have time, I go back to process my favorites.

This picture is from my Aunt’s yard. I really liked the repetitive feel, but wanted to add a bit of drama to the succulents so I increased the structure and vibrance. To take the shot I held my breath and put my elbows to my side.  I actually could have a full day of photographing my aunts garden. 🙂 Wish I had her green thumb!


Succulent – 1/20 @ f13 ISO 100 Macro Lens 100mm

One of the places they took us was the Hearst’s pier. As we walked to the place where Hearst had to have ships come in to bring all his goodies for his Castle, there were some amazing eucalyptus trees. I knew I wanted to make a motion blur of the trees. I slowed the shutter speed and moved my camera vertically to get what I wanted as seen below. Minor adjustments were made in Photoshop.


Trees with Motion Blur 1/6 @ f27 ISO 100

They also took us to see Elephant Seals on the coast. I noticed this ladybug on a rail on the walkway. I liked the way the light was hitting her, so I handheld the shot with a shallow depth-of-field so she would be the focal point of the shot.


Ladybug 1/45 @f11 ISO 100 Macro lens 100mm


All of the photographs were handheld and shot on the fly as we enjoyed our mini vacation with family.  Since I’m on the subject of vacation…the hubby and I will be taking two weeks off to have some fun!  Yep, my camera will be with me.  😉

So take your camera everywhere and shoot, shoot, shoot! I bet you’ll find something that will excite you. 🙂

Always feel free to add links to the comment section of your fun times shooting on the fly. I know others would love to see them as much as I would.

I’ll be back in a couple of weeks.  Happy vacation to me.  🙂

Janice Sullivan

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4 Comments on “Keep your Camera with You”

  1. pabloconrad says:

    Very well said.

    I learned that the hard way. Didn’t take a camera one day and missed a beautiful shot of lightning over a church.

    Live and lrarn.

    Thanks for the great post.

  2. beautiful pictures !!!!

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