Tutorials for Photographers: ACR 13 – White Balance Tool

Sometimes we just don’t have the time to custom white balance our cameras or we accidentally set the camera on a wrong preset.  For example, you had your camera setting on Fluorescent and it should have been set on Daylight.  When that happens your images will have the wrong temperature / wrong color giving it a color cast.  Check out this kelvin link to help you understand the technical side of color and temperature.  To fix this problem you can use Adobe Camera Raw’s White balancing tools.

In this video you’ll  learn about Photoshop Adobe Camera Raw’s White Balance Tool.  Some of the main points in this video are:

  • Correcting Color Cast
  • RGB info
  • What is Neutral
  • Fun tips to make a creative image


Photographs in this video:


Cactus Top – f18 @6.0s ISO 125 100mm Macro lens


Sunset at Joshua Tree – 50mm – HDR – 100 ISO

You can also use the White Balance Tool in Lightroom the same way.  So play and have some fun correcting or changing up your images with the White Balance Tool!!

Janice Sullivan

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PS:  I’ve been having problems with the comment section of my blog.  I disabled a plug-in so hopefully this worked.  Thanks to all that emailed me to let me know of the problem.  I had no idea you couldn’t comment.  😦

Source: Adobe Camera Raw: White Balance Tool


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