Desert Hiking without Flowers

Our desert hiking in the Spring will soon be over, summer will be approaching and and our hikes will be postponed until Fall.  California is in it’s third year of drought and you sure can tell.  Normally our Spring deserts are full of beautiful flower blooms.  Unfortunately, this year unlike the years before, our desert isn’t popping with flowers, BUT you still can have a great time hiking and photographing cactus.  Some of my favorites are the Red Barrel and Cholla cacti.  Of course for me every time I see anything I want to get up close and see the details of the subject but be careful, some cactus’ spikes really hurt if you get them in your skin!

Some desert photographs without flowers….


Red Barrel Cactus – Sun beaming behind cactus.


Cholla Cactus Top – B&W for texture.


Cholla Cactus – Ouch!


So don’t be discouraged if you don’t have the Spring flowers popping…check out other fun subjects to photograph while the amazing Spring temperature is here.


Janice Sullivan


Source: Desert Hiking without Flowers


7 Comments on “Desert Hiking without Flowers”

  1. Beautiful shots. I’ve noticed the jacarandas aren’t as good this year either. Still beautiful, though.

  2. sueslaght says:

    What fantastic cacti shots

  3. Huge desert fan. I just took a few pictures of cacti this past weekend I hope to post, but honestly, nothing like these. Love the first one.

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