Thank You Bonita High

Last week I was invited to take part in Career Day at Bonita High in La Verne, California.

Thank you Bonita High School for the invite!  I had a blast talking to students about the photography industry.  Unfortunately, it was so busy I didn’t get any photographs with the students.  😦    The high school gave me this fun certificate and supplied us with food and drink.




I gave a power point presentation asking questions after each section.   Yes, to get them to talk I needed candy, lol! Here is the PDF of my presentation if you’re interested:  BonitaCareerDay2014.  It’s interesting when you really need to think about what you do and how to present it to the younger generation.  I had help from Ashley…she’s amazing when it comes to presentations…her business skills really come out!  A huge thanks to her too!  When the students asked questions and came up to me after the presentation I felt revived.  Maybe it was all that young blood generating… 🙂


Bonita High Presentation


Here is one of the slides from the presentation:

Photography advice


Do any of you give presentations to the high school realm? I would love tips from you. 🙂

Hope you all are having a great week!


Janice Sullivan

Source: Thank You Bonita High


2 Comments on “Thank You Bonita High”

  1. I do a lot of presentations in the medical world and for graduate students. I offer a lot of peanut M&M’s! Tragically we never outgrow the allure of candy, especially chocolate. I would say that I can tell you have real passion about photography from reading your posts. When people can feel your passion they open to what you are teaching. All the great media tricks can’t make up for no energy. Love what you talk about and it’ll always work out, even if your media fails.

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