It’s Been Fun Agency Access

It’s been fun Agency Access but it’s time for us to part.

Agency Access is a full service marketing company for artists.    I actually really like this company and feel you should check them out if you’re interested in selling your images to companies.  I’m leaving because they do cater more to the Commercial photographer and I have strayed away from that sector in the business.  They do have a fine art area if you’re interested in checking that out, but again it’s not for SJP any longer.  So let me give you a bit of Pros and Cons on the Company to help you decide if they fit your needs.


  • A buyers Database of 90,000+
  • Easy email templates with promo tracking
  • Easy print promos & mailing


  • Geared for Commercial Photographers
  • Competition High – Buyers are bombarded with promos
  • Can be expensive


Below will be my last email promo using Agency Access.   

Last email from agency access



Again, they are a great company and will help you especially if you have the money!   Anytime I had any questions they were on it fast.

So if you’re a Commercial Photographer I say go for it!  If not, think twice before you pay for a large annual contract.


Janice Sullivan

Source: It’s Been Fun Agency Access


2 Comments on “It’s Been Fun Agency Access”

  1. Rich Green says:

    I used them years ago before they merged with adbase. Nowadays, with the volume of email promos sent, as you stated above, really works against photographers. I’m not so sure how to advertise these days.

    • Hi Rich. It’s truly about the connections. I met some fun creative people via Adbase (that’s when I started too). Since we have strayed away from Commercial work the company isn’t a good fit any more. Thanks for the comment…it’s a pleasure reading them. Have a great week!

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