Bluehost Review is the company that I use to store my website on.  This blog is on which is free and it’s nice but it has limitations to what I can add to my site so I have my main website Sullivan J Photography on Bluehost with a theme.  I wrote a more detailed review on on that site, to read the details click here.  In the video below I show you the behind the scenes on using

This is what I talk about in the video:

· How easy it is to start a website

· Templates

· Sub-Domains

· How to use the cPanel

· One Click Installs

A bit more for you….

As you saw from my video, WordPress is easy to download from Bluehost, but if you would like some creative templates check out the links below. Bluehost gives you easy instructions on how to download any templates you purchase from these companies and Photocrati and Graphpaper Press also have tutorials to help you on their site for Bluehost hosting.

Photocrati specializes on Photographer websites but unfortunately they are not responsive. I have emailed them asking for this, hopefully, they will come through because nowadays you really need your site to look great on phones and tablets.

Graphpaper Press is responsive and looks great on small devices but is more expensive than Photocracti.

If you have any questions, you can comment here or just ask Bluehost…let them know you saw my post and wanted a bit more info from them. 😉

Bluehost logo

Have a great day!

Janice Sullivan
Sullivan J Photography


2 Comments on “Bluehost Review”

  1. Rich Green says:

    I use Photocrati for my websites/blog. I have 2 websites on 2 different hosts. I also have 2 blogs. One is the free one and the other is self-hosted using Photocrati. I am very happy with the software as it was inexpensive and customizable. When I initially bought and installed it, I did have some questions which were answered promptly. This was handled via email. I have no answer as to why they didn’t respond to your queries. Of course that’s unacceptable for a business. I used to have a flash site and wanted to switch because I knew the people using ipads/iphones couldn’t see my sites if I was using flash. Presently I’m happy with how they look on ipads/iphones.

    • Hi Rich,

      Thanks for the comment it’s nice to see you. I wish Photocrati would fix there sites to be responsive like Graph Paper Press. I have a lot of work involved in my website but I know that responsive sites are the future because of the ipad and phones. I’m giving them about 6 months and if they don’t change I’ll look for other company to help me with my theme. I also started with a flash site and realized that it wasn’t seo friendly so had to change…this is when I found Photocrati. 🙂

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