SJP Video 4: Adding a Shadow to Your Image with Photoshop

Today’s video is on adding a shadow to your image so it has a 3-D feel to it.

I did this for my latest promo piece below:


  1. Figure out where the image will go and size it up in Photoshop.
  2. Open two files in Photoshop – one will be the image, and second will be a new file with the size and ppi you would like.
  3. Drag image onto new file that you made (see video for details).
  4. Make sure the image layer is highlighted click on Edit > Stroke > 1px > OK
  5. Double click on the image layer.
  6. Click on Drop Shadow – Make sure it’s highlighted so you can make changes.
  7. Crop image to the size you need click Enter.
  8. Save

This is the sample image I worked on:

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Thank you,

Janice Sullivan

Owner of Sullivan J Photography


One Comment on “SJP Video 4: Adding a Shadow to Your Image with Photoshop”

  1. Canon 5D III says:

    […] I just added a new video to my collection: How to make shadows on your images for a 3-D effect. Check out my Vimeo video’s here or click on the Vimeo logo on the right side bar of this blog to help you with your photography techniques. Or check out my tips & lessons blog. […]

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