SJP Video 3: Steps on Making a Grab Button

Today’s lesson is on how to make a grab button.  What is a grab button? It’s an HTML code that has an image, for example your logo, and under it will be a code for others to copy and paste to their website. This will place a button on their website so when someone clicks on the button it links to whatever website you tell it to go to.

Check out videos below for more details:

These are the basic steps:

1.  Size your image – button.

2.  Add image/button on a site like Photobucket.

4.  Go to this link to generate code:

5.  Paste on your widget or any html area on your blog or website.

6.  Test to make sure it works properly.



I would also like to give a huge THANK YOU to  You have made it easy for us to share our work with others!


I received an email from the creator of the grab button.  Please read the following:

I’m the creator of the “Grab My Button” Code Generator page, and I just wanted to thank you for linking to my web app and for creating a great video tutorial on how to use it.

There’s also one little thing I’d like to clarify, the width and height settings are not for your graphics but for the container of your code.  Since usually the width of the code container is good enough, it’s certainly useful to set its height to a higher value (e.g. 100px), especially if you’ve chosen “pre” to be the type of container because, as you’ve stated on your video, it’s very useful if the user can see the whole code and not just part of it (and also because choosing “pre” doesn’t allow you to drag its corner and expand the code area as “textarea” would).  Like you,  not being able to drag it was something that irritated me, and that’s one of the reason I added those options to the generator.

Thank you for taking the time reading this. Have a wonderful weekend.


Thank you Juan for the clarification 🙂



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Janice Sullivan

Owner of Sullivan J photography


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