SJP Video 1: Keyword PlugIn for Adobe Lightroom

As I was having a comment conversation with ndjmom from the last post, she gave me a great idea:  Make a short video on my favorite Plug-In for keywording your images.  I found this site (Keyword Master) and tried it for free and fell in love.  It’s so easy to use that I had to share with you all!!

Keyword Plug-In from Janice Sullivan on Vimeo.

Using this keyword plug-in with Adobe Lightroom will give you more time to photograph instead of being in front of a computer typing keywords for all your images!

I really enjoy the interaction with photographers and others that enjoy photography so please feel free to comment or send me an email at


Janice Sullivan

Owner of Sullivan J Photography


2 Comments on “SJP Video 1: Keyword PlugIn for Adobe Lightroom”

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