How to Photograph Up Close – V: Digital Basics

Today I will talk about basic digital dark-rooming.

When you received your DSLR camera you most likely received software to fix your photographs. Before digital cameras, we would process our photographs in a darkroom. I had so much fun playing with the photographs back then. Because of digital photography, the craft has changed, I now process my files using Adobe Lightroom and to detail the photo I use Adobe Photoshop. I always photograph in RAW format. Shooting RAW gives you more flexibility to change your picture. I will show you later how to batch process but today is an introduction to correcting your photos with the CD/DVD you received with your camera, so let’s start…

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Backlight using Natural light.

Just an fyi…after I have completed this series of Basic Macro Photographing techniques I have decided to keep this blog for my tips and lessons.

Thanks everyone that sent me emails on what they would like!




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