Border Effects: Working in Photoshop

Hello everyone,

Hope you tried the Droste effects I wrote about in my last article.  Today I would like to show you another fun effect to affect your work, lol.  Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself 🙂

This is what I did:

I worked with this image:

Tip: You can search for borders and masks online; some are free and some you can pay for, it’s all up to you.

I worked with this border:

I opened my file that already had been processed into Photoshop:

My work is always shot RAW but this photo wasn’t a smart object so I converted it by right clicking on the background layer.

Next I made some adjustments.  This was an image of yellow Daffodils but I decided to change them to black and white.

You can now see that this layer has changed to Layer 0 and isn’t locked.  This way if I want to change the ACR again (I wrote about this in an earlier article) I can with no problems.

Just to show you the variety of mask effects I was playing with see below. 

I opened one of the mask effects in Photoshop; now I have the original image and the effect image open at the same time.  Make sure that they are both the same size.  If they’re not, do the best you can to match them.  Next drag the effect image onto the original image holding your shift key so they both are aligned.  As you can see below…the effect wasn’t the same size as my image so I used the Free Transform tool to cover the image.

Move tool:

Free Transform:

I completely covered my image

I next went and changed the layer 2 to darken, which removed the white outline; I then inverted the layer by holding the apple key and pushing the letter I.    As you can see I changed up my curves and played with it a bit more.


This is the completed work.  I must admit…I tweaked it more…adding: watercolor, a gradient, masking areas for curves and the healing brush 🙂

It’s that easy!!  Of course once you start playing with this you’ll have fun changing things around.

Tip… if you double-click on the effects layer you can change the look of it.

To sum this up:

Open your image that you want to add effects to.

Open the effect so now both images are open in PS.

Move it on top of your image with the move tool.


Play with the effects by double clicking on the layer.

You can also mask the effect(s) and play with them that way too.   See my masking article for more info.

Here are some examples of over the top fun effects just to show you what you can do!

And most of all have some fun being creative!!




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