Photography: What I have been up to.

Hello all,

Today I was going to write about selective masking but I decided to talk briefly about what I have been up to.

If you read the last post from Susan Acker, the managing editor of our newsletter, you’ll know that SJP “Sullivan J Photography” has partnered with  I’m excited about our work together; they will expose my work to the European communities.

I have been artist of the month in April & May 2011 at two different coffee shops.  I love working with the community and having my work shown to my local friends.  I’m a diehard coffee drinker and enjoy businesses like these.  I’m honored!!

We have our business Facebook page that Ashley started and we just added another page that has been so much fun!  We search for photographers that have shot Macro & Close-up work. We use Flickr & Facebook a lot; we noticed that the photographers on these sites are very nice.  Boy, I have had some really snobby photographers on some other sites…I won’t mention them but I’m done with that!  This is about having fun and showing some creative work out there. Check out our new page:

Professional Macro & Close-up Photography  – Like Us

I also decided to use my other blog site to post a photo every day Monday – Friday (or at least try to).  I use this blog (the one that you’re reading now) to discuss how I process my photographs or talk about equipment, which reminds me…I need to do that soon 🙂

Check out my new blog at Photographer Janice Sullivan.

I recently mentored one of our local high school students for a couple of months.  She’s a senior and interested in photography.  We had so much fun!!  It’s rare to find a young female that likes macro photography.

We are also in the process of changing our branding.  Ashley, Susan and myself are working with an amazing designer, so I’ll keep you posted when we’ve completed our new look 🙂

If you’re interested in reading more details about what we have been up to, please register for our newsletter.  All registered individuals receive a discount when purchasing work from us!

Hope you all have a great couple of weeks.  I’ll be back on the 19th of May to talk about selective masking or maybe equipment, lol?  You can always subscribe to this blog if you don’t have time to read my “how too’s” at the time of the post, check out the upper right side of this blog…you can choose how you would like to subscribe.

Take care!!



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