SJP “Sullivan J Photography” goes International

Deutschland Here We Come

As the managing editor for the Sullivan J Photography monthly newsletter and a friend of Janice Sullivan’s I am proud to announce that SJP will be joining, which was launched in October 2010, is a new marketplace for photographers to make their work more accessible to potential buyers.  It’s pretty cool. Buyers can search through the database of images and choose the type of product on which they want the image printed. Options include art prints, poster prints, greeting cards and more. Each order is custom made to the buyer’s specification and is created in Germany one piece at a time. There is no mass production.

This is how the team at ARTFLAKES describes the mission of the business on its Web site, “We want to help artists, photographers, designers and archives to sell their work as real products. And we help all individualists of this world to stop buying standardized goods off the peg.

At ARTFLAKES you will find posters, art print, greeting cards and many more from international artists and designers. Things you won’t find anywhere else. Every product you order at ARTFLAKES is produced individually just for you. With all the care an artwork deserves.“

ARTFLAKES parent company,, was started in Germany close to four years ago and offers similar services. 

If you have been searching for that perfect image, this is a great way for you to view unique prints that you won’t be able to find at the standard poster shop. And if you’re so inclined you can even order custom greeting cards and show off your new piece of art.

Here’s to the future of SJP photography and a new international partnership.

Some of the photographs offered:

Thank you,

Susan Acker
SJP “Sullivan J Photography”


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