Spring Colors for 2011

Hello everyone,

Janice has been out of the loop a bit; she has pneumonia but is on the road to recovery.  Of course she is always thinking about the next blog post and specials for the month. Yes, she is a workaholic!! But I am helping her out today…with some rest, she’ll be back in a couple of weeks to post the next article 🙂

Today, we decided to share with you some photographs that have the latest spring colors of 2011 in them. Janice and I are always paying attention to the latest and greatest colors for interior design and clothing options. We had fun picking these out for you, hope you enjoy them too:


Sometimes I don’t want any part of the photo to be in focus.


front view F2.8

Close-up of a Pink Peony flower with water drops.

Stems with flowers

You can always go to our archive site to see what we have to offer now for your projects and if you need a special color feel free to call or email us anytime at info@sullivanjphotography.com – (909) 816-8581 and we’ll work together to make your project perfect!

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FYI…One of Janice’s photographs is featured on Photoshelter’s blog, check it out at:
She wanted me to tell every one that she is honored to be on Photoshelter’s blog…”Thank you Photoshelter”!!
Ashley Sullivan
SJP – “Sullivan J Photography”
A creative way to get up close & personal!

Sullivan J Photography

Archive – sullivanjphotography


4 Comments on “Spring Colors for 2011”

  1. […] Spring Colors for 2011 (sullivanjphotography.com) […]

  2. […] Spring Colors for 2011 (sullivanjphotography.com) […]

  3. Sorry to hear that Janice is sick. Thanks for keeping the communcations open.

    Great photos.

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