Photographing My Favorite Gift Macro Style!

Hello all,

Some of you may know that Ashley, my assistant, went to London and Paris for a class she’s taking for her business degree.  She brought back some awesome gifts for me.  I absolutely fell in love with a key chain she gave me of the Eiffel Tower so of course I had to photograph it!!

Today I would like to share with you the different techniques I used to photograph this cute blinging (sparkling) Eiffel Tower.  So let’s get started…

In figure 1 you can see what I was working with … I used various cloth backgrounds, a flash-light & book light.

Figure 1

Figure 2 shows you where my natural light was coming from and how I hung my keychain. I could have set it on the fabric, but to tell you the truth I’ve done this before and wanted to shoot the subject from a different point of view.

Figure 2

Just an FYI – these were all shot with my 100mm macro lens.  I’m not giving you the shutter speed because it really depends on your lighting and location, just be sure to have the correct exposure by always viewing your histogram.

In Figure 3 I had my f-stop for this shot at 3.5 because I wanted the focus to be on the bottom part of the subject while I lit most of the figure at the top.  I also wanted my background blurred but didn’t want a flat look so I crunched the fabric a bit.

Figure 3

Now in Figure 4, I changed the f-stop to 6.7 to give it a bit more detail on the subject. I also didn’t light the background as much to change the look of that too.

Figure 4

In Figure 5 I changed the f-stop to 11 and as you can see even more of the figure is in focus and I lit the background more to give it a softer look.  I’m loving the bling in this shot!

Figure 5

Of course in Figure 6, I had to change my DOF again since I liked the pink background to go with the jewels.  Most of my work is shot this style…too much fun!  They look great on prints of 24 x 36 and larger…just an fyi for you all.

Figure 6

So now I wanted to change things up a bit so I put some red velvet in the background.  Figure 7 was shot at f8 and lit on both sides of the subject.

Figure 7

Look at the difference between Figure 7 and 8.  I changed the lighting using a white light in Figure 8 and the f-stop is 11 but the real change is my light source.

Figure 8

The next two figures show you how different the subject looks when you have a light background and dark background.   I must admit Figure 9 is f6.7 and Figure 10 is f22 but you can see what I’m talking about.



Figure 9

Figure 10

Now I wanted to focus on some black and white abstracts so I shot up close (see Figure 11) to focus on the curves and lines of the lower part of the tower.  The aperture on this was f13.


Figure 11

Figure 12 has a grayish flat background to go with the metal of the tower.  This was shot at f22 with light coming from under the subject and natural light on the left and a small reflector to the right…oopsy, I forgot to show you my reflector in figure 1.  Sorry.


Figure 12

Now for the fine art side of my photography.  Of course I had to shoot some fine art work!  So I painted with my lens macro style in Figure 13 and 14.  Figure 14 is my favorite (that’s why it’s larger).  I wrote about this style of photography in a previous post so check that out. (Click here if you’re interested.)

Figure 13



Figure 14

I hope you enjoyed all of my techniques playing with my favorite gift from Paris!  So when you have time, change things up a bit to see what you can come up with.

Before I forget…please check out our new monthly newsletter.  I’m really excited to have Susan Acker as our freelance writer helping us out.  I know that I said that Ashley would be working on this but we thought it would be nice to have someone that specializes in Journalism work on this for us.


Thank You Ashley!

See you in a couple of weeks!




5 Comments on “Photographing My Favorite Gift Macro Style!”

  1. Thank you so much Valerie! I had a feeling you would have some Eiffel towers in your possession 🙂 I really enjoyed your photographs on your blog when you were in Europe. Thanks again for your comment.

  2. Valerie says:

    Great post. I love your images! We have a few Eiffel towers around the house too. From miniature keychains to lamp posts! I hope Ashley had a great time in the City of Lights!

    • Anja says:

      Great post! It gives me new ideas!

      • Hello Anja,

        Thanks so much for your comment. I’m glad I gave you new ideas to shoot in various ways! I’m always looking at other photographer work and enjoyed your website. Hope you stop by again. I write on this blog every other Thursday or you can subscribe to the site, check out the top right side of the blog for more info.

        Take care,

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