Internet Doesn’t Do Justice: Print your work to really enjoy it.

Hello everyone,

Many of my articles are about learning how to photograph Macro and Close-up Photography.  I try to discuss all aspects of this style of photography but I noticed that the Internet doesn’t really show you the detail of focus that I always strive for in my artwork.

If you have read my bio you know that I absolutely love Impressionism with a slight twist of having an area in the work dead sharp in focus. So today I thought I would show you the original photographs and a cropped version so you can see what I’m talking about.   When I print my work I like them to be 24 x 36 or larger, this way the person viewing the piece(s) see what I’ve created with the tools of photography.

Click on the photograph…to get back to the blog use your back arrow key on the server.

close up

close up

another one




As you work on Macro photography have fun looking at your subjects up close; I use my Canon Angle Finder to help me focus on the area of the subject I want you all to see clearly.  If you want more of the photograph areas in focus use an Aperture of F22 and adjust your Shutter Speed for the perfect Exposure. Again, the Internet doesn’t do justice to the photographs…the prints are beautiful, trust me… you will have fun viewing your subject up close and print them large so you can enjoy the work you created 🙂

All shots were on a tripod shot with ISO 100; I used my cable release and also used the mirror lock-up, noise control for long exposures within my camera.  To print your photograph, here is some basic info for you:




9 Comments on “Internet Doesn’t Do Justice: Print your work to really enjoy it.”

  1. 床墊 says:

    I find myself coming back to your web-site only because you have lots of awesome insights and also you happen to be at this a while, which is very impressive and tells me you know your stuff.

  2. Thank you for the comment…appreciate you stopping by 🙂

  3. Wow! This is such great information! And might I say, spectacular shots!

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