Color: What mood are you feeling…show it via Macro Photography.

Hello everyone,

Today I would like to share with you some information on color and show you two photograph examples that will hopefully inspire you to play with color.  Remember this…when you have the subject in your face via a Macro photograph think about it’s color;  it will influence your observers.

Now, if I have a customer that is requesting the original color of the subject; I’ll white balance my camera with the lighting conditions at the time of the shoot (read your camera manual on how to do this).  Also calibrate your monitor; check out calibration & Spyder software for more information.

For the fine art side of me… I like to play with colors.  Take some time to read about color!  The links below discuss how color impacts our senses, design, and info on the Color Wheel.  (If you don’t have time for the top two – take time to read the Color Wheel link.)

Photographed in RAW and developed them in Photoshop. Start by playing with the white balance, once you see what you like begin your custom tweaks.

Look to the right of these examples, you will see the white balance.  If you want to view the images closer click on them, to get back to the blog use your back arrow key on your browser. As you view each example pay attention to how you feel while viewing them…let your senses take over.

First set….

As shot





I liked the feel of the Fluorescent and played with that:

My custom:

After I came back to the photograph I had a change in plan, I decided to go for a texture feel;  this is my ending result:

Final Image

Second example:

As shot


Daylight – cloudy – shade and flash were all similar (warm).




This is my ending result:

I really enjoy working with color it’s fun to see the various colors merge together.  This is why most of my work has a soft focus to them.  I provided some examples on how to start your creative juices flowing.  Like I always say…have fun and play with your photograph to achieve a beautiful, creative, colorful image!


Janice  :0)


12 Comments on “Color: What mood are you feeling…show it via Macro Photography.”

  1. I agree Leigh….thank you for commenting! Hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July.

  2. Beautiful photography! I love your final version of both, but all of the others have certain qualities that I also love, especially the gray scale of the first series. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Thanks for the comments Valerie & James 🙂

  4. Great post! Once again, some beautiful images!

  5. You gotta love the Camera Raw possibilities! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Vu says:

    Pictures are great…thank you for the article.

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