Adobe Lightroom 3: Favorite Features for Macro & Close-up Photography & Flickr

Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to talk about some nice features that Adobe Lightroom 3 has to help you with your Macro & Close-up photography. You can also read up on the new features that Lightroom 3 has to offer here; but let’s get started with the features that help us Macro photographers.

One of the best features Adobe added is the improvement to the noise reduction option.  Because we get up close and personal we need more light into the camera for a correct exposure, which can lead to an under exposed photograph.  So if you have a underexposed photograph, don’t toss that file, fix it in Lightroom 3.

Another nice feature that I like is the tether shooting (connecting your camera to your monitor/computer) option.  While photographing up close you really need to see what your subject looks like, otherwise you lose the wow factor.  I like being able to make my adjustments right on the spot – which is usually for me the f-stop.  Most of my work is done in my studio so this is perfect for me.

Now, I’m sure many of you photograph while visiting family or while family is visiting you.  Sometimes it can be difficult to achieve that awesome shot you want when your family is with you. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, I love my family but the photographer in me can get a tad frustrated when I want to take the extra time to make that perfect shot.  So what I do, is try make sure my exposure is correct and then snap away.  I still like the close up feel to my work so I hold my elbows in and stop breathing while I snap the shutter.  What’s nice about Lightroom 3 is that it has a lens & perspective correction feature and some other goodies to help you in post-production.  So don’t stress out…all will be good later 🙂

We now have the ability in Lightroom 3 to upload photographs to Flickr and Yahoo.  This is what I did for my Aunt:

In Figure 1 we shot some fun photographs with her horse Fluer.

Figure 1

I wanted to play with the post crop vignetting feature to focus on the experience they (Aunt Kay & the horse) were having.  I also enjoyed playing with the Presence area…had to throw that in too.  See Figure 2 & 3.

Figure 2

Figure 3

With Figure 4 you can see that I decide to play with the vignetting.

Figure 4

Figure 5 shows you the before and after pictures of my Aunt and horse.   Make sure you don’t blow your whites out (see the red on the left photo)  Not good!

Figure 5

To make it easier for me to send to Flickr so my Aunt could see the pictures, I added the photographs that I wanted in the quick collection.

Figure 6

Once I had all of the pictures for Flickr, I made a file… see Figure 7.

Figure 7

I had my file opened and then I dragged and drop the photogs into the photostream. Once you’re ready… click on “publish” and the pics are sent to your photostream in Flickr.

Figure 8

This is the completed photograph for my Aunt.  I didn’t do much to it, just a bit of tweeking in Lightroom.  I do want to add that these are fun photographs for the family.  Lightroom is a great tool but Photoshop is the last step I use for my professional work.

Figure 9

I also added some fun close-ups of some desert flowers when my brother-in-law came out to visit when we hiked Joshua Tree National Park.  If you’re ever in Southern California I highly recommend this park in the Spring.

Figure 10

Figure 11

Before I finish, just a couple of other features that I really liked…one, I’m so happy that Lightroom 3 is faster to work in, very, very nice. I also like the ease of adding my watermark, even though I didn’t add them to this post, lol!  🙂

So get close to your subject, hold your elbows in, hold your breath while you push the shutter to achieve a sharp handheld focus, play with your photograph in Lightroom 3 and send them out to Flickr and/or Yahoo for you, your family and friends to enjoy!

Cheers, Janice


5 Comments on “Adobe Lightroom 3: Favorite Features for Macro & Close-up Photography & Flickr”

  1. Very interesting post, Janice. I don’t know how I managed before Lightroom 😀 Beautiful images and the photo of your aunt and Fleur is PRICELESS!

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  3. Valerie says:

    Another great tutorial! I haven’t upgraded to LR3 yet, on my list of things to do this week!

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