Get Out There and Photograph Spring – Part I

Get Out There and Photograph Spring –  Part I

Starting your search…

Hello everyone,

My plan for this week was to talk about Macro equipment but my time fell short for the blog so I thought today I would discuss photographing Spring outdoors.   As I was writing this article I realized that it became large, at least for me.  I like my information short and sweet.  No books here!  So I have decided to make this a two set article.  Today, I will talk about starting your search for a Spring location and the next post will be about various ways to get up close and personal!

Every year in Southern California we have poppies that bloom in our desert in Antelope Valley during the months of late March into April.  The flowers will end up dying because of the extreme heat in our deserts…  but every year they bloom again in that short period of time, giving our deserts a beautiful spring shower of color.  Unfortunately, I have allergies so I do pay for the fun and beauty of the season…. that’s ok because I have so much fun macro shooting outdoors.  I hope to inspire you all to get out and photograph and, sorry I had to say it…   “Smell the Flowers”!

Think about the areas in your town, city, and state, trying to make it a ritual to attend every year at the place of your choosing.  This is how you learn about the location…the way the wind blows in the area, the lighting of the fields, etc… If you can’t think of a place, Google your area, you may be surprised to find a cool place to go.  You don’t need to go far but I do suggest you get away from your own back yard garden…this is part of the whole process, get out of your environment!

Of course I will be focusing mainly on macro shots today and I would like to remind you to respect the environment; it is a whole different world down in Macroville.

Kevin (my husband) and I have been going to this poppy field for years so we know some really cool spots to photograph.  One suggestion is if you see water or a dried out waterway, stream, or whatever you want to call it…go to that area. You will find life…where there is water or was water…there is life!  As we drive down the dirt road in Pic 1 we observe the best locations for that variety of macro life.

If  you want to view the Pics up-close, click on them, to return bag to the blog use your back arrow key on the web bar.

Pic 1

Pic 2 is one of the locations we stopped at…this is a snap shot just to show you where some of my macro shots were completed.  The location looks ok until you get up close!

Pic 2

My husband, the awesome observer that he is, noticed a poppy sticking out from everything around it; it was the King of the territory!  I shot it eye level and blurred some of the shot to make this single poppy pop.

Pic 3

I also wanted to focus on the life around the poppies, so with pic 4 I made sure that the poppies were in focus and blurred the other areas of the shot .  You can do this with your aperture.

Pic 4

Just to remind you all, I rarely hand hold a macro shot.  I set up my tripod or bean-bag and go for it.  Keep the camera stable!  I use my remote control cord and adjust the focus manually, basically everything is manual; for me it’s so much easier to work with when I macro.  If you have a point and shoot…still put it on a small tripod.  I have linked some goodies to this blog to help you read about point and shoots and DSLR’s (Digital Single – Lens Reflect Camera).  If you have a DSLR camera, purchase a macro lens!  You will absolutely be happy with your work, I promise.

Next, move in on your subject and really have some fun!  See how close you can get  🙂

Pic 5

Also, try to take a photo of a main subject and focus on just that.  My next post will have more ideas for you to play with.

Pic 6

While I photograph, my husband explores.  We make an awesome team… He found a wonderful patch wild flowers with poppies (see Pic 7).  I was so excited…I found a perfect area to set up.  I started my macro mode and noticed that a bug peaked out from a poppy petal and was watching me.  It didn’t move…I couldn’t believe how he/she was observing me, these bugs move all the time.  It’s actually hard to photograph them.  I said to myself….hurry Janice….hurry, you’re going to miss the shot.  I focused on the bug and was amazed to see the pollen all over it.  See Pic 8 for the actual picture of my buddy and Pic 9 is cropped so you can view it better on your computer.

Pic 7

Pic 8

Pic 9

So get out there and photograph your Spring location!  I always feel revived after our trips… and I have my photographs to remind me of the wonderful trip we had.  I highly recommend you get out there and photograph Spring!


Remember, Pic 9 – Respect the macro world – there is life out there even when you can’t see it!

In a couple of weeks don’t forget to look for “Get Out There and Photograph Spring –  Part II”

Various ways to get up close & personal…




12 Comments on “Get Out There and Photograph Spring – Part I”

  1. Beautiful photo essay! This really makes me want to explore macro photography a bit more…

  2. annie says:

    I love the shot of the insect peeking out from the flower!

    What macro lens do you use? I am just getting into macro photography and bought a macro lens (should receive it tomorrow – woot woot)!

  3. dinendra says:

    Brilliant work, Janice. Keep up the good work.


  4. Chuck says:

    Great job.
    Did some shooting out in the borrego desert for wildflowers a couple of weeks ago. A good spring for macro this year.

  5. I love this. What Beautiful Photos – I try with a Kodac easyshare I got for christmas a few years ago – I love taking pictures. Thanks for posting on the Connection Challenge.

    Maureen Vipperman

    • Hello Maureen,

      Thanks for the comment…if you have any of your pictures on Flickr, Photobucket, or a site like them. Feel free to post to this blog…it’s fun to see everyone pics. No need to be professional here…it’s all about fun!

      Take care,

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