Dramatic Lighting Macro Style

Hello everyone,

Today I would like to talk about ways to change the look of your subject by using various lighting techniques. Shooting macro style is fun but sometimes it can become monotonous. The subject is in your face…yes, and it’s cool to see it up close, but how can we make it POP?!

Of course my subject today will be a flower because I LOVE flowers! I used a pink Gerber Daisy to show you various lighting techniques to change the way your subject looks.

My last two photographs show you that you can light your subject as if you were outdoors but you’re not. You can work indoors during that snow and rainstorm!

Just a reminder, if you want to view the photo up close, you can click it and then use your back arrow key to get to the blog again.

All of these pictures were shot indoors.

Figure 1

As you can see in Figure 1, I placed the light in the middle of the flower. This gives the flower an inner halo effect. Your eyes automatically draw you into the middle of the flower.

Figure 2

In Figure 2, I adjusted the photo with curves in Photoshop to add just a bit more pop to the image. Play with the curves and see what you can do.

Figure 3

With Figure 3, I decided to add light behind and below the flower… with the black background this image looks totally different from Figure 1.

Figure 4

I cleaned up the image and played with the curves in Photoshop.

Figure 5

Figure 6

With Figure 5, I only lit under the flower and with Figure 6, I back lit the flower just a tad. You can see that these are the same flower but with the light it dramatically changes the way the image looks and feels as you view it. Also, if you notice, Figure 6 was not cleaned up. If you are working with organic subjects I highly recommend you photograph them fresh so you don’t have so much post work to do!

Add some water and add light for a dramatic look, get up close and personal, and POP! Your photo can really stand out and say, “Hello I’m Here!”

Figure 7

I decided that with all of the crazy weather most of us are having….why not show you that you can light your subject as if you were out on a beautiful sunny day! Let your creative juices flow inside your home!

I bet you thought that Figure 8 & 9 was shot outside…nope! I put this flower in a vase and lit it from above!

Figure 8

Figure 9

So have some fun and change your subject’s look by playing with light; any kind of light you have available.




2 Comments on “Dramatic Lighting Macro Style”

  1. pixelshots says:

    wonderful photography tip provided here. a tip to astonish the snaps. the flower looks divine with that lighting effect.

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