Macro & Fine Art Photography

Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to post some of my fine art macro photographs.  I have been really busy so I won’t write much but I still wanted to post some of my recent work.

When I work on my fine art photographs I put on some music, make myself comfortable, and start the process of using the camera, lens, and various lighting techniques to express my creativity.  Remember, if you want to see these photographs larger, click on it…  to get back to this blog use your back arrow key.

This photograph was backlit and worked on using Adobe Lightroom to manipulate the color a bit.  I like the explosive feeling to it. I only wanted minimal light to express the dark mood I was in at the time of exposure.

Many of my fine are photographs have most of the subject blurred and a small part in focus.  This style is my favorite because they are printed 24″ x 36″ and look amazing hanging on your wall.  Many people ask me if I painted the work instead of photographing it…I really like that quality of the pieces and I love it when people are not sure if it is a painting or a photo.  Most of these are shot at f2.8 and I always, always, use a tripod because I want the area of clarity to be very sharp!

Most of these are shot at f2.8.

Sometimes, my mood is to only work with the color of the subject.  I’m not concerned about what is in focus.  I really like the way the pink pops between the green in this shot.  It has a soft appearance, which I like because at that time I was feeling out-of-it and tad insecure but I also felt that my life will be better in the future and the bright pink states that (at least for me it does).

Sometimes I don't want any part of the photo to be in focus.

So today I briefly discussed how I approach my fine art work while I’m shooting Macro Style.  I hope that I have helped you start expressing yourself by using the camera, lens, and playing with light!  It’s a lot of fun!




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