Lehua Films

Soft Look, originally uploaded by Janice Sullivan.


Check out Lehua Films! They are based in New York City! I am exited that they will be using this photograph for the background of their poster for “May Day is Lei Day in New York” 🙂

I was married in Hawaii and had my first born on Oahu. Hawaii has a special place in my heart and I am very happy that they are in New York showing the East Coasters the spirit of Hawaii!

Lisette is hula instructor of a group called Na Lehua Melemele in New York City. She wrote:

“May Day is Lei Day in New York” is a show we are planning for May 1, 2009. Our hula community here on the East Coast works very hard at perpetuating Hawaiian culture while living so far away and this show is giving our dancers the opportunity to share that aloha spirit with family and friends. You do beautiful work…. ( I had to put that in, LOL!)

Me ke aloha,



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