Desert Stock

For fun Janice hikes with her husband and photographs. She has just added some Red Rock Canyon shots to her stock site. Red Rock in Southern California is a historical site. For millions of years sediment washing down from surrounding mountains formed layers of sandstone, each layer faithfully recording the Geologic history. Earthquakes, volcanoes, floods and droughts were recorded in the individual layers of stone.

Pioneers of the westward movement recorded their presence in Red Rock Canyon as early as 1850. Members of the 49ers, who were temporarily stranded in Death Valley, passed through Red Rock Canyon on their way to the settlement of Los Angeles.

From 1920 to 1968 Red Rock Canyon was in private ownership and was used extensively by the movie and television industries to film more than 130 movies and numerous TV commercials.

The Red Rock Canyon area was acquired by the State Park System in 1968 and has been carefully protected ever since, for all to enjoy 🙂



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