Close Up Art Photo Contest! Yes, I’d lo

Close Up Art Photo Contest! Yes, I’d love to see your work! Submit here:

Pre-order 2017 Flower of the Month Calendar

I’m so excited to announce that Ashley and I have made our FIRST calendar! These are the flood series you all have been seeing lately.  🙂
Ashley put awesome inspirational quotes for each month and I worked hard shooting and had a lot of fun post processing with the flowers.  We are offer…
Pre-order 2017 Flower of the Month Calendar

5 Tips to Get You Started With Macro Photography

I just made a video this Tuesday on 5 tips to get you started with Macro Photography. I thought to myself, “Some people would rather read about these steps instead of watching a video” and I think these tips are so important for someone who really wants to get up close to their subjects. Now you …
5 Tips to Get You Started With Macro Photography

So Planet Earth II Looks Amazing — TwistedSifter

I had to share this with you all! I LOVE this!

Planet Earth II, narrated by Sir David Attenborough coming soon to BBC One

via So Planet Earth II Looks Amazing — TwistedSifter

Discount for Flood 2 – Flamingpear

Want to have some fun playing with your images? Oh boy, I’ve been having a blast with Flood, which is a Photoshop plug-in. It’s so much fun that Ashley and I have been working on a new project together. I’m working on our newsletter now to share with our readers.  🙂  Fla…
Discount for Flood 2 – Flamingpear

Platform overwhelm…do you have it too?

Platform Overwhelm…Do You Have it Too?
Are you like I am and want to chat with everyone everywhere? The problem for me is that I have built a community and I feel that if I leave my various platforms, then I’m leaving my friends. I left Flickr and noticed that I only communicate with …
Platform overwhelm…do you have it too?

Close-Up Art Photo Contest

Oh yeah! I’m way too excited to be a judge for the Close Up Art Photo Contest on Viewbug! There are so many amazing creative people out there and for me to see their work and really focus on what’s being submitted, is a blast! Last week I shared the other contest I’m judging,…
Close-Up Art Photo Contest