Close-Up Art Photo Contest

Oh yeah! I’m way too excited to be a judge for the Close Up Art Photo Contest on Viewbug! There are so many amazing creative people out there and for me to see their work and really focus on what’s being submitted, is a blast! Last week I shared the other contest I’m judging,…
Close-Up Art Photo Contest

Very cool! UPDATE…our group is already



Very cool! UPDATE…our group is already up to 550! Whoo hooo Professional Macro & Close-up! This is a great place to connect and see Macro (close-up photography). I’m having a blast seeing the work coming in and connecting with new people.


Reptiles and Amphibians Contest

I’m so honored to be a judge on! It’s an amazing place to get inspired. I’m judging the Reptiles and Amphibians Contest. Our pet leopard gecko would be so jealous if she knew all the cool images of other critters I’ve been viewing. 🙂 I plan to share the other contest I’m judging next week, so stay tuned for that.

I wanted to tell you another fun aspect of this site. You can win cool goodies…and you all know I LOVE goodies. Well, if you’re new to my blog then you know now. There are thousands of people around the world on this site, so if you’ve got photo burn-out…make Viewbug one of your go-to sites to light a creative fire.



So click here to check out the photo contest and then scan around. I know you’ll find an interest somewhere on



Here is my latest unboxing. I have to admit I’m starting to feel a bit more comfortable in front of the camera. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone for sure.  I’ve alway liked to be behind the camera instead of in front of it. What makes this easier for me is talking about what I love; photography, it’s equipment and tools. I next want to share my macro tips and techniques since this is my true passion. But I need more practice in front of the camera for sure.


Unboxing a Flash Zebra Shutter Release Cable for Pocket Wizards


I haven’t shared some awesome sales or fun goodies I’ve found out there in a while, so here you go…


The Pre-Order for Aurora HDR 2017 includes over $300 in bonuses, find out more here!  It’s an amazing program. Yep, I have it and love it!  You can also check out their blog here for even more info. 



Of course I’d love to chat if you’re up to it…write a comment or just say hi!


Janice Sullivan



Reptiles and Amphibians Contest

Fun Gadgets for Macro Photographing

One of the many reasons I enjoy photography, is the gadgets you can play with while you photograph.

I love a new toy! Today my post will be about some of the toys you can purchase, but I want to make it clear to you, these gadgets are not needed to photograph up close, they just help you enjoy the process while photographing.

Before I start talking about what toys I like, check out Really Right Stuff’s info on macro photography.  I like their article and it has some good insight about Macro.

So, let’s get started… Of course I want to talk about my favorite tool first!

The Novoflex focusing rack is one of those tools that until you use it, you think, “why didn’t I have this earlier?”  When you want detailed focusing,  this helps tremendously. You will be able to fine tune your depth-of-field (what is in focus and what is not in focus). The focusing rack is attached to your ball head (at least my ball-head) on your tripod. The mini quick release is attached to your camera. It’s so nice and easy to work with. Below is an awesome rack! You can purchase cheaper focusing racks, but I want to show you the best equipment for serious macro photographers.

Perfect for Macro Photographing.

Perfect for Macro Photographing.

Ok…I would like to show you a wonderful ball head from Really Right Stuff.  Again,  you don’t need a ball head to connect to your camera and tripod, but I highly recommend the ball head so you can maneuver the camera more easily to focus on a variety of points and views.

This is a great ball head!


This is another cool toy that I like to use, it’s called an angle finder. I’m showing you a Canon Angle Finder because I’m a Canon user, but just click on the image and do a search for your camera model. An angle finder is kind of like looking into a microscope.

Great tool to view subjects at an angle and magnified.

If you need to be at ground level to view your subject or adjust your camera in a weird position to get the shot, the angle finder is excellent for this! It also has a magnifier that I love, which helps with sharp focusing. For more details check this tool out at B & H.

Another good gadget to have is a cable release (see below).  When photographing macro I want you to remember that you need to keep the camera steady or you’ll have problems with blurred focus points. When you’re photographing indoors, you can set up the timer on your camera because you don’t need to worry about the wind moving your subject… BUT if you’re shooting outdoors you need to snap the shot fast before the wind starts up again. With that said…I like to use my cable release so I don’t touch my camera.  Yes, I purchased this at B & H. 🙂

Another great tool for Macro Photography,

Another great tool for Macro Photography,

The last tool I want to talk about is lighting. Below is an expensive tool that you will love if you get into the macro thing. Again, if this is too expensive, you will be surprised on what a flashlight can do.

Twin Lite View

Twin Lite View

This twin light attaches to your lens to get up close to your subject. You can adjust the intensity of the lights and move them around for some fun exposures. Save your money for this toy…it’s worth it!

Panel View - Twin Lite Flash

Panel View – Twin Lite Flash

Macro photographing is fun! I love the photograph below because we can see the unique view of the fire. Be creative…  I have photographed body parts, products, bugs, and of course flowers (my favorite subject). I now look at things differently…I remember Professor Gary Colby telling us that he wanted us to see photographically.  At first I didn’t understand, but now I do, and I’m grateful that I have added this sense of sight to my life… Thank you Professor Colby! The more you macro, the more you will pay attention to the details around you.


f6.7 @ 1.5s ISO 200

So for now check out some gadgets and send me questions if you have any? There is no such thing as shooting auto to achieve a 1:1 macro image…so learn what an F-stop and ISO is and what the shutter speed does and of course you can always ask me questions in the comment section.  🙂



Janice Sullivan



Fun Gadgets for Macro Photographing

Latest 4 Unboxings / Reveals

I really love getting goodies in the mail. It feels like Christmas, but better because it’s all about photography and my video tools. Here are my four latest unboxings and reveals. I hope you see some products that you want to purchase. If you’re interested, please sign up for my channel and you’ll get the reveals sooner.  This is the link to the playlist if you’d rather see the videos there.

Please check out Youtube to see links to the products and other goodies I have to say about them.

I’m working on a couple more, so stay tuned. 🙂

Janice Sullivan

Latest 4 Unboxings / Reveals

Janice’s Gear and More

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I LOVE goodies so I decided to add them to our site under… yep…Janice’s goodies!   Plus, I  have people ask all the time what tools I use so this is a perfect way for you all to have a direct link to them!  If you have any suggestions on equipment and other goodies to play with I’d love for you to comment and let me know.   I do love to play.  😉

My first love is my Camera! Then the software I use for post production would be my second love 🙂 Something exciting that is going on right now is that I am in the middle of making my favorite textures for Macro photography! The best and fastest way to find out when that pack is ready is by signing up for my blog posts and or Newsletters.  This is where I connect with you on the fun I’ve been having!  Sign up below to receive my free textures and my video on how to use them.  Below is my camera and the fun software that I love.


canon 5diii

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.  It’s nice to chat with you photo lovers.

Topaz Labs

Amazing editing superpower!

Helicon Focus

Great for stacking images!

On1 Software

It’s like Lightroom and Photoshop put together!




Janice Sullivan

Link below to my main site:

Janice’s Gear and More

Ashley and Business

Hi All,

Almost all of you have no idea who I am. I am Ashley Sullivan and I run the business side of Sullivan J Photography. I usually don’t write blogs, but Janice has asked me to be a bit more involved with you all and share my experiences with the other side of running a photography business. Now, if you’ve read the “about us” page on SJP then you know we are a mother daughter duo where Janice is the “beauty” and I am the “brains”. I don’t want to bore you with repeating my biography that you could simply read about on SJP, so I will just add a little tidbit that I absolutely love sharing with people. About six months ago I was blessed with two beautiful bouncing baby boys named Luke and Liam and I will be the first to tell you that running a business and raising two little ones is no easy task. Thankfully I have an amazing mother and great support system because boy, two kids at the exact same age, always wanting the exact same thing, sure feels like a dozen babies screaming for mommy.

Ok, going away from mommy duties now. One thing I have learned about the photography business is that there is always someone out there who can do anything you can/are doing, better. Always make sure you are on top of your game and checking out your competition. It’s great to learn what other photographers are doing so you can find your niche, build your own business and find what works best for you. Not every company is runthe same way and everyone has their own way of doing things, so learning and developing yourself and your craft is the only way for you to stay relevant in this ever-changing industry.

I am going to try and write more often, but if any of you should have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at


Also, just because I am in the sharing mood 🙂 Here is the latest flower photograph from Janice! Check it out- its a beauty 🙂

Daisy with my textures and water affects.

Daisy with my textures and water affects.

Happy photographing!


Ashley and Business