Desert Hiking without Flowers

Our desert hiking in the Spring will soon be over, summer will be approaching and and our hikes will be postponed until Fall.  California is in it’s third year of drought and you sure can tell.  Normally our Spring deserts are full of beautiful flower blooms.  Unfortunately, this year unlike the years before, our desert isn’t popping with flowers, BUT you still can have a great time hiking and photographing cactus.  Some of my favorites are the Red Barrel and Cholla cacti.  Of course for me every time I see anything I want to get up close and see the details of the subject but be careful, some cactus’ spikes really hurt if you get them in your skin!

Some desert photographs without flowers….


Red Barrel Cactus – Sun beaming behind cactus.


Cholla Cactus Top – B&W for texture.


Cholla Cactus – Ouch!


So don’t be discouraged if you don’t have the Spring flowers popping…check out other fun subjects to photograph while the amazing Spring temperature is here.


Janice Sullivan

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Source: Desert Hiking without Flowers

What do you like: Photograph it!

What do you like in life?  Think about it and then photograph it or the concept of your passion.  Photography is not only for the visual experience in life but it can be a documentation of what you are passionate about.  For example, I love to hike with my husband but while I’m hiking I really pay attention to details.  The rock formation is awesome don’t get me wrong but I absolutely go crazy over a desert flower growing between the rocks.   I love animals so how can I not photograph a desert chipmunk checking us out while we eat lunch.  :)

These are personal photographs that make ME smile and that is what life is about…the experience!  I am a tree hugger because of my passion so I’m affiliated with several conservations.  Once you see the variety of photographs that you have accumulated take the next step and figure out what you can do with your passion.


JoshuaTree-4451-ToneMap copy




Sullivan J Photography


Just a bit of inspiration for the day.  :)


Janice Sullivan

Source: What do you like: Photograph it!

Thank You Bonita High

Last week I was invited to take part in Career Day at Bonita High in La Verne, California.

Thank you Bonita High School for the invite!  I had a blast talking to students about the photography industry.  Unfortunately, it was so busy I didn’t get any photographs with the students.  :(    The high school gave me this fun certificate and supplied us with food and drink.




I gave a power point presentation asking questions after each section.   Yes, to get them to talk I needed candy, lol! Here is the PDF of my presentation if you’re interested:  BonitaCareerDay2014.  It’s interesting when you really need to think about what you do and how to present it to the younger generation.  I had help from Ashley…she’s amazing when it comes to presentations…her business skills really come out!  A huge thanks to her too!  When the students asked questions and came up to me after the presentation I felt revived.  Maybe it was all that young blood generating… :)


Bonita High Presentation


Here is one of the slides from the presentation:

Photography advice


Do any of you give presentations to the high school realm? I would love tips from you. :)

Hope you all are having a great week!


Janice Sullivan

Source: Thank You Bonita High

It’s Been Fun Agency Access

It’s been fun Agency Access but it’s time for us to part.

Agency Access is a full service marketing company for artists.    I actually really like this company and feel you should check them out if you’re interested in selling your images to companies.  I’m leaving because they do cater more to the Commercial photographer and I have strayed away from that sector in the business.  They do have a fine art area if you’re interested in checking that out, but again it’s not for SJP any longer.  So let me give you a bit of Pros and Cons on the Company to help you decide if they fit your needs.


  • A buyers Database of 90,000+
  • Easy email templates with promo tracking
  • Easy print promos & mailing


  • Geared for Commercial Photographers
  • Competition High – Buyers are bombarded with promos
  • Can be expensive


Below will be my last email promo using Agency Access.   

Last email from agency access



Again, they are a great company and will help you especially if you have the money!   Anytime I had any questions they were on it fast.

So if you’re a Commercial Photographer I say go for it!  If not, think twice before you pay for a large annual contract.


Janice Sullivan

Source: It’s Been Fun Agency Access

Tips on how to photograph Flowers

“Flowers” – Tips on how to photograph flowers is a great coffee table piece to add to your home or business. Janice Sullivan, owner of Sullivan J Photography, gives you tips on how to think two dimensionally so you can make creative beautiful flower images. The print book has 88 pages of Janice’s favorite photographs. She also gives you a variety of tips to help you think before you push that shutter button.

We also offer an ebook for $4.99

Print Book, 88 Pages Standard Landscape, 10 × 8 in. (25 × 20 cm)

Print books have professional-grade paper, superb printing, binding that looks good and feels great.

  • Durable, acid-free, archival-quality papers from Mohawk®
  • Deep, rich blacks for superb contrast and image reproduction
  • A range of premium cotton and linen Hardcovers
  • Long-lasting library binding, precisely and individually bound by hand

Quality Hardcover ImageWrap book $68.99

Quality Softcover book $56.99


To purchase ebook click here.

To purchase printed book click here.


Flowers by Janice Sullivan

We had a lot of fun making this book and hope that you enjoy it too! As always, if you have any questions please use the contact tab above or email us here:

Purchase “Flowers” we know you’ll love it!

Thank you!!

Sullivan J Photography Team

Sneak Peak

Bluehost Review is the company that I use to store my website on.  This blog is on which is free and it’s nice but it has limitations to what I can add to my site so I have my main website Sullivan J Photography on Bluehost with a theme.  I wrote a more detailed review on on that site, to read the details click here.  In the video below I show you the behind the scenes on using

This is what I talk about in the video:

· How easy it is to start a website

· Templates

· Sub-Domains

· How to use the cPanel

· One Click Installs

A bit more for you….

As you saw from my video, WordPress is easy to download from Bluehost, but if you would like some creative templates check out the links below. Bluehost gives you easy instructions on how to download any templates you purchase from these companies and Photocrati and Graphpaper Press also have tutorials to help you on their site for Bluehost hosting.

Photocrati specializes on Photographer websites but unfortunately they are not responsive. I have emailed them asking for this, hopefully, they will come through because nowadays you really need your site to look great on phones and tablets.

Graphpaper Press is responsive and looks great on small devices but is more expensive than Photocracti.

If you have any questions, you can comment here or just ask Bluehost…let them know you saw my post and wanted a bit more info from them. ;)

Bluehost logo

Have a great day!

Janice Sullivan
Sullivan J Photography


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