How To: Macro Lens Painting

I have been asked many times how I make my Macro Lens Paintings, so I decided to do a live hangout with some amazing photographers from The Arcanum to share my technique. Now this was my first time ever doing this, so if you watch the video I think you’ll laugh with me. :)  I am so inspired by the people I have met in the Arcanum and I find myself gravitating toward them more and more. It’s a great place to be with people who love the craft of photography and who truly appreciate art.

The images below are just a couple that I shot during the live hangout. I Hope you enjoy watching this as much as I did making it.

Dancing Lily




Pink Flurry

Live hangout…how to Macro Lens Paint.


I’m also happy to announce that we are now affiliated with Topaz Labs. This is another amazing plug-in that I love to use. I also appreciate that if they have upgrades to their software they give them to you free. In the long run I paid a good penny for the complete set, but I know that they will never nickle and dime me for upgrade prices in the future.  Thanks Topaz!

Just a quick shout out to, “Adventurers of the F-Stop” for helping me pick the featured image. :)


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How To: Macro Lens Painting

Fall Inspiration

Fall has arrived and for some of us, we will see the beautiful fall foliage images from others and wish we could be there photographing those amazing colors.  Don’t despair. What’s around you? I have deserts I can now play in without getting heatstroke. Think about your location and make it your own fall.

Tree on Watson Lake Arizona photographed after sunset.

Burning Bush – 30s @ f22 ISO 125 100mm


If you just can’t think of any fall places for you to have fun, then go to your local store and pick up flowers with fall colors and have some fun with them.  Below is one of my “Macro Lens Paintings”. Just seeing all of the fall photos from other photographers helps give me inspiration.

Foggy Stems – f10 @ 1.5s ISO 100


I’m super happy to announce that we are now affiliates with On1 Software!  I absolutely love On1! I’ll share with you later the next generation of the perfect photo suite 10 for some post processing inspiration.



Have a great day!

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Fall Inspiration

Taking Time to Focus in on Details

When your’re walking by flowers or subjects that catch your eyes, look deep within them. Sometimes the story is hidden and it’s up to you to reveal them to the world.

Most of us live a fast life and as photographers we can take a moment in time and share it for a lifetime. With that said, take your time and photograph deep within your subject. In my flower below, I love the colors and gorgeous flower petals so I wanted to show you the elegance of the center. I had to stack (take several in focus shots and bring them together) this image to show you more details. But to take my time to show you how beautiful this flower is within itself, will be a picture that I can share with someone that may not take time to really see. I bet next time the person will look at flowers differently and it is nice to know that I helped someone appreciate life’s beauty.

How to fix flower petals cover.

How to fix flower petals cover.



My latest tutorial, “How to Fix Flower Petals,” is on sale!

Grab this now! All of my latest tutorials go on sale for a while and when a new product pops up, the sale is gone.

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We all wish that we could photograph a perfect flower. Most of the time it just doesn’t work out that way. If you like the composition of the flower and have one or two petals not cooperating, go ahead and photograph the flower and fix your petals in post. I show you how to use the following to fix those stubborn petals:

  • Add Canvas (tip)
  • Use Puppet Warp
  • Content Aware Tool
  • Selection in a New Layer (the best way to fix petals).

To watch a small clip of the video click on the tab below.

More Info



Janice Sullivan

Taking Time to Focus in on Details

Capturing the Right Feeling

If you photograph landscapes for yourself and not for clients on a deadline, leave some of the images to process later. For example, if you’re photographing deserts in the winter, wait until the summer to process some of the work. I know that the anticipation is there after you photograph, …

Make Photos New with Textures

I have talked about adding textures to your images in previous posts, but this time I want you to look at old images you have processed and play with those. When time is not your friend and you can’t photograph, go back to old images to give them a new creative spin with …

Sorry all…I have always shared my blog post from my actual website and for some reason this didn’t work properly?

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Need Inspiration… go on a Photo Walk

Have you ever been on a photo walk? If you haven’t, or if you need inspiration…go on a photo walk! Even if you don’t shoot much, you’re around people who love the craft and you’ll be inspired to pick up the camera and photograph.

Trey Ratcliff has almost finished his USA Photowalk and I had the pleasure to attend and meet so many people who love photography. What a blast! It was invigorating. After the walk I couldn’t wait to get out and photograph. I must admit that for me it was the connection.  When I’m truly in the zone while photographing I’m usually by myself or with Kevin as my assistant.

Here are a couple of shots of the day. I did photography while we were in Santa Monica, but have not had time to process the images because every day I’ve been out photographing. Post processing will come soon and I’ll share my images with you.

My friend and fellow photographer shot this of me. I don’t like being in front of the camera, but she got me.


Image shot my Lisa Speakman.

It was a pleasure meeting Trey! He talked to my cohort at The Arcanum on Periscope…to much fun! Thanks Trey!


Fun iphone shot of Me, Caleb, Trey, Kim and LIsa.

Again, I don’t like pictures of me, but I really love this photograph taken while I’m talking to the group. Nice Wasim!

Photo by Wasim Muklashy

Photo by Wasim Muklashy

Here is an awesome video Trey’s team produced. It was so much fun to hang out with all these amazing people!

If you would like to see images shared by Trey check out his page find some inspiration there for sure!


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Source: Need Inspiration… go on a Photo Walk

Photo Light Painting and Bonus Tutorial

Today I would like to inspire you to take your favorite subject and photograph it with painted light. Basically, make sure your subject is in the dark…the darker the better.  Then take an appropriate light source, for example all I needed for my orchids was a flashlight. And manually add the light to your subject.  If you’re out working on a landscape I suggest a more powerful light source.  A tripod is highly recommended and to focus on your subject manually prior to shooting in the dark.  You’ll have to play with your exposure so pay attention to your histogram.  What’s fun about this style of photographing is that you create the mood manually. I think this is such a beautiful way to light subjects.  I used black velvet behind these flowers but if you don’t have velvet  just put your subject in the middle of the room and black out the area.   Like always I would love to see your images and if you would like a Fast and Furious critique check out our new Facebook page!  I’ll add you to the private group just send me a message.


Light painting flowers.

Light painting flowers.

Here is your bonus video I just made! Only you all who read my inspirational posts will receive this for free! If you just popped onto my site. You can sign up for my blog and receive free goodies now and then…check the News registration to the right of the post.


Just an fyi…I’m glad I photographed these orchids. I recieved them from my son and his wife and they have already died :( I can’t seem to keep orchids alive. If any of you have great tips I would love to hear from you. :)

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Source: Photo Light Painting and Bonus Tutorial


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